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PostSubject: Jake   Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:43 pm

Hello gaiz. Most of you don't really know me yet on a more personal level so I thought it'd be nice to tell you all a bit more about myself, to give you all an overview of what makes me who I am. I'm 17 years old from Cornwall, South West England, and have just finished my A Levels, studying Maths, Geography and Physics. Maths and Geography I feel went well overall, Physics however I'm still not sure if I've passed or not. Results day is gonna be nervewracking, aha. (A Levels are the 2-year courses you study before uni for those who don't know, so uh, Grades..... 11 and 12 in USA?) I am going on to start studying Games Design for Industry in September at College, and aim to get a BA Honours degree from it. It's hella different to what I was gonna study at Uni, which was either Renewable Energy or Geography. I knew I'd enjoy each course but, well... weighing up the overall costs, the fact i already have a job and what i'd enjoy the most, Games Design seems the best choice. Tech is moving so far these days too, so plenty of avenues will be open afterwards. x]

I am usually a quiet sorta guy, and don't tend to instigate conversations with people that much. Well, that's how it definitely used to be in school until the past year or so, but nowadays I guess I do get more involved and talk a lot more when around people. Sometimes it just takes people to start talking to me to get me going. ^^ However I do enjoy meeting up with friends regularly and it's never really planned, usually spontaneous, even if it's like 10/11pm aha. I tend to stay with my closest mates until the early hours of the morning every time, and like to go out for a drink with friends some weekends. That'll be a more regular occurence in a month's time, when I finally turn 18! Gonna be dressing up as mario to a nightclub aha, that should be fun. x] I also am quite keen on sports. Watching rugby is great entertainment, especially after watching an International match at a rugby stadium a couple years ago. Good times! Then there's football (soccer). I support Manchester United, but my general interest has dwindled down a bit over the past couple years for some reason. We used to play football a lot but not anymore. I also enjoy Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton. All are great fun and I'm playing badminton a couple times a week with a good friend, we're looking to start playing tennis more too. I also tend to chill out with a bit of good ol' music. I like many types really, artists including Foo Fighters, Pendulum, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Guetta, Netsky, Coldplay, Green Day and Pink Floyd to name a few. Open to try any music though. o;

On the gaming side of things, I've always been more of a Nintendo nut than anything else. Parents bought the N64 when i was 3/4 years old and I've enjoyed Nintendo ever since. Mario, Metroid and Zelda games have always been a great love of mine, fav games being the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I do own a ps3 aswell, and enjoy playing fifa, cod, nfs, gow, ac etc. If any of you want to add on psn then hit me up x] Want to buy so many games but gotta save up for other things like driving lessons etc. But yeah, games with a good story are always good imo. I like a good storyline. There is so much out there that I havn't played though! >< Mkw and mk7 are actually the only games I've played at a competitive level really. I first started playing Mkw on GB, then March 2010, got a trial for Flow and been there ever since. They're honestly a great bunch of people, one of the true legit clans left and the reason why I still play mkw. Plus the fact I like the community aspect.... in a way. The ability to meet new people around the world is what I find to be the best thing about this community. Even though it's very unlikely I'll meet anyone face to face (something i'd like to do one day tho), it's great to connect with a host of people from different backgrounds. Anyway yeah, I'm now a Co-Leader of Flow in mkw, and hoping to pass my trial with you guys. That's enough for now. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Jake   Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:02 pm

Super Srs post

"when I finally turn 18! Gonna be dressing up as mario to a nightclub aha, that should be fun"

take pictures of this

well glad to know your not a fag in personality Smile

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